Beyond Conflict Book BEYOND CONFLICT, 20 years of Putting Experience to Work for Peace
January 2014
ISBN 978-0-615-79057-2; 104 pages.
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Beyond Conflict is a catalyst in the field of conflict resolution and transitional justice. Our work has been referenced in more than 30 books over the last 20 years. Some of these are listed below:

United Nations Sanctions and the Rule of Law
By Jeremy Matam Farrall.
Published by Cambridge University Press, 2007.
ISBN 0521878020, 9780521878029583 pages.
Political Leadership and the Northern Ireland Peace Process: Role, Capacity and Effect
By Cathy Gormley-Heenan and Jan Zielonka
Published by Palgrave Macmillan, 2006
ISBN-10: 0230500374, ISBN-13: 978-0230500372; 216 pages
Can Might Make Rights?: Building the Rule of Law After Military Interventions
By Jane E. Stromseth, David Wippman, Rosa Brooks.
American Society of International Law.
Published by Cambridge University Press, 2006.
ISBN 052186089X, 9780521860895414 pages.
Who Guards the Guardians and how: Democratic Civil-military Relations
By Thomas C. Bruneau, Scott D. Tollefson.
Published by University of Texas Press, 2006.
ISBN 0292712782, 9780292712782; 317 pages.
International Peacekeeping: The Yearbook of International Peace Operations
By H (Ed ) Kondoch Langholtz, Harvey Langholtz, Boris Kondoch, Alan Wells.
Published by Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2005.
ISBN 9004149511, 9789004149519398 pages.
Fighting for Human Rights
Edited By Paul Gready.
Published by Routledge, 2004.
ISBN 0415312914, 9780415312912; 224 pages.
Leadership and Conflict Resolution: The International Leadership Series
By Adel Safty.
Published by Universal-Publishers, 2003.
ISBN 1581126174, 9781581126174568 pages.
Global Intelligence: The World’s Secret Services Today
By Paul Todd, Jonathan Bloch.
Published by Zed Books, 2003.
ISBN 1842771132, 9781842771136; 240 pages.
The Struggle for Constitutional Justice in Post-Communist Europe
By Herman Schwartz.
Published by University of Chicago Press, 2002.
ISBN 0226741966, 9780226741963; 368 pages.
Irish America: Coming Into Clover: the Evolution of a People and a Culture
By Maureen Dezell.
Published by Doubleday, 2001.
Original from the University of Michigan.
Digitized Sep 17, 2008.
ISBN 0385495951, 9780385495950; 259 page.
The Politics of Memory: Transitional Justice in Democratizing Societies
By Alexandra Barahona de Brito, Carmen González Enríquez, Paloma Aguilar Fernández, Paloma Aguilar.
Published by Oxford University Press, 2001.
ISBN 0199240809, 9780199240807; 413 pages.
A Country UnMasked: Inside South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission
By Alex Boraine
Published by Oxford University Press, 2000
ASIN: B000UCX814
Uncivil Movements: The Armed Right Wing and Democracy in Latin America
By Professor Leigh A. Payne
Published by The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000
ISBN-10: 08011862426, ISBN-13: 978-080162427; 328 pages
Radical Evil on Trial
By Carlos Santiago Nino.
Published by Yale University Press, 1998.
ISBN 0300077289, 9780300077285232 pages.
Image and Identity: The Making and Re-making of Scotland Through the Ages
By Dauvit Broun, Richard J. Finlay, Michael Lynch.
Published by John Donald Publishers, 1998.
Original from the University of Michigan.
Digitized Jun 16, 2008.
ISBN 0859764095, 9780859764094236 pages.
Human Rights and Democratization in Latin America: Uruguay and Chile
By Alexandra Barahona de Brito.
Published by Oxford University Press, 1997.
ISBN 0198280386, 9780198280385; 333 pages.
For Democracy’s Sake: Foundations and Democracy Assistance in Central Europe
By Kevin F. F. Quigley.
Published by Woodrow Wilson Center Press, 1997.
ISBN 0943875803, 9780943875804; 190 pages.
Injustice, Violence and Peace: The Case of South Africa
By Hennie P. P. Lötter.
Published by Rodopi, 1997.
ISBN 9042002743, 9789042002746223 pages.
Transitional Justice: How Emerging Democracies Reckon with Former Regimes
By Neil J. Kritz.
Published by US Institute of Peace Press, 1995.
ISBN 1878379437, 9781878379436; 672 pages.
Reconciliation in Divided Societies: Finding Common Ground
By Erin Daly, Jeremy Sarkin, Jeremy Sarkin-Hughes.
Published by University of Pennsylvania Press, 2007.
ISBN 0812239768, 9780812239768323 pages.