Building An Inclusive Baltimore | A New Lens for Inclusion at The Baltimore Museum of Art

In Partnership with the Baltimore Museum of Art, May 4, 2017

Two years after the death of Freddie Gray, and the subsequent unrest, Baltimore – like many other cities across the nation – still faces profound challenges in addressing the legacy of discrimination, segregation, and exclusion. While progress has been made, unequal access to opportunities and growing disparities continue to perpetuate the mindsets and systems of exclusion and deeply impact all of Baltimore’s communities and institutions.

Museums are struggling to remain relevant in a rapidly changing environment and redefining inclusion as a place where diverse communities find relevance for themselves represents a turning point for cultural institutions. The Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) understands itself as a vibrant and innovative institution that is embraced as an indispensable element of community life, a vital educational resource for a broad and diverse audience, and an institute of influence and leadership within the art community. As such, BMA is ideally positioned as an innovator and leader in Baltimore and the wider art community to become a national model for how institutions take a new approach to inclusion.

On May 4th, Beyond Conflict, in partnership with the BMA, convened 5 leaders in the arts, behavioral sciences and diplomacy to launch a new conversation applying the shared experiences of leaders from around the world who have experienced deep divisions in their own communities and insights from the behavioral sciences to the world of the arts. This evening event was designed to engage with an audience of approximately 250 people, ranging the spectrum of board members, museum staff, professors and students from Johns Hopkins, community activists and local community members on the topic of inclusion and diversity.

The agendaparticipant list and full transcript from the event are now available.

Museums and the Web 2017 

Tim Phillips Keynote 


Building An Inclusive Boston | A New Conversation on Race, Bias, and Divided Communities

In Partnership with Massachusetts Institute of Technology & State Street Corporation, October 28 – 29, 2016

Communities across the United States are seeking constructive pathways to address racial injustice,
inequality, and social change. Citizens, activists, and leaders have worked for decades to address
these challenges, but enduring, effective change is difficult to achieve. It is clear that a new
approach is needed.


On October 28th & 29th, Beyond Conflict, working in partnership with local activists, the City of Boston, MIT, leading cultural institutions, and many others, convened 180+ people to launch a new conversation applying the shared experiences of leaders from around the world who have experienced deep divisions in their own communities and insights from the behavioral sciences. This two-day event was designed to jumpstart new ways to think about and address the urgent challenges of racial inequality and division.

Panels included:

  • Our Common Humanity – Understanding the Science Behind How We Perceive the
    World and Each Other
  • Recognizing the Need for Change
  • Confronting the Legacy of Racial Injustice in America ⎯ Placing Boston in a National Context
  • Holding Multiple Truths: The Challenge of Competing Narratives
  • The Art of Inclusion: Making the Invisible Visible
  • What Are We Trying To Solve?
  • Creating An Inclusive Boston
  • Capturing This Moment – Creating Lasting Change

The full agenda, participant list, and transcript are available & a full report and audio files are coming soon.

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Race, Bias, and Divided Communities: A Focus on Boston, November 19, 2015



Dan Mulhern | Director, Public Safety Initiatives, Mayor’s Office, City of Boston

Reverend Jeffrey Brown | President, RECAP (Rebuilding Every Community Around Peace); Co-Founder, TenPoint Coalition

Farah Stockman | Columnist & Writer, Editorial Board Member, The Boston Globe

Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool | South African Ambassador to the United States (2010-2015); Premier, South Africa’s Western Cape Province (2004-2008); Founder, World For All Foundation

Beyond Conflict Innovation Forum: “How Neuroscience is Revolutionizing Peacebuilding” May 13, 2015

Alliance for Peacebuilding Annual Conference, United States Institute for Peace

Beyond Conflict: The Power of Shared Experience

Notre Dame, February 10, 2015

Beyond Conflict’s Tim Phillips will be presenting on the Shared Experience methodology at the Center for Civil & Human Rights. Learn more!

The Last 90 Miles: Ending The US and Cuba’s Cold War

Chicago, IL, February 9, 2015

Tim Phillips will join The Chicago Council to discuss the human dimensions of reconciliation based on what we know from shared experiences. Learn more!

Cultivating Peace: A Student Research Symposium for Violence Prevention

Virginia Tech, February 6-7, 2015

Beyond Conflict’s Tim Phillips will be presenting the keynote address on the power of Shared Experience. Tim Phillips and Lee-Or Ankori-Karlinski will also be hosting a workshop on Conflict Reconciliation in the 21st Century. Learn more about the symposium.


Neuroscience and Peacebuilding: Reframing How We Think About Conflict and Prejudice

January 2015 


Beyond Conflict partnered with the El Hibri Foundation and the Alliance for Peacebuilding to present the next event in the Neuroscience and Social Conflict Initiative.

Learn more about the Neuroscience and Peacebuilding event.

Neuroscience and Social Conflict Initiative, op-doc, August 2014

NS conference video from Beyond Conflict on Vimeo.

Beyond Conflict Book Launch at the Rose Art Museum

Brandeis University, April 9, 2014 | with Tim Phillips, Roelf Meyer and Jose Maria Argueta

Rose BC book launch.m4v from Beyond Conflict on Vimeo.

South Africa’s “Negotiated Revolution” and Mandela’s Legacy

Program on Negotiation, Harvard University with Roelf Meyer and Tim Phillips

One-time Miracle or Exemplar

USIP, January 15, 2014 | with Ambassador Princeton Lyman, Roelf Meyer, Mohammed Bhabha and Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool

Making Peace in South Africa

Beyond Borders, August 2013 | with Roelf Meyer, Tim Phillips and Sir Kieran Prendergast

Making Peace in South Africa from Beyond Borders Scotland on Vimeo.


Interview with Beyond Conflict’s Advisory Board Member, Guatemala’s Jose Maria Argueta

Guatemala’s Jose Maria Argueta “Chema” describes his first involvement with Beyond Conflict in 1993 from Beyond Conflict on Vimeo.

Interview with Beyond Conflict Advisory Board Member, Roelf Meyer

South African chief negotiator Roelf Meyer describes an early project with Beyond Conflict from Beyond Conflict on Vimeo.