Thematic Programming

Beyond Conflict’s thematic programming utilizes its network of people and its long experience to help better understand the challenges to conflict transformation. Specifically, Beyond Conflict believes that the global conflict resolution and foreign policy community needs to reassess its approach to conflict in the 21st century and find new strategies to address some of the central challenges that confront negotiators, policy makers and conflict resolution practitioners. Current thematic programming includes:

    • “Neuroscience and Social Conflict”: This initiative seeks to utilize the new tools available through neuroscience to better understand and educate key audiences about the universal human responses to conflict and how the brain processes those experiences. In February 2012, Beyond Conflict in partnership with the SaxeLab hosted a first meeting that brought together a dynamic group of conflict leaders, neuroscientists, policymakers and social psychologists to discuss how recent findings in neuroscience can advance knowledge of best practices in conflict resolution. We aim to build on that conversation, stimulate relevant research in the field of neuroscience and disseminate key ideas into the conflict resolution and public diplomacy field.
    • Imagining the Other: This initiative seeks to facilitate a multidisciplinary dialogue among leaders and decision-makers in politics, behavioral science and the arts in order to find new approaches to how we understand and engage with our allies, our enemies and ourselves.
  • Revisiting the Past: Truth Commissions have become an international norm, but in many settings they can do more harm than help.  This program seeks to assess the impact of truth commissions and how to better address challenges of establishing trust and reconciliation in in deeply divided societies