• Broadening the UN’s Access to Qualified Candidates for the Field (New York, 2007)
    Brought together high level UN policy makers and leading member state roster representatives to discuss DPKO needs with regard to civilian staffing for future peacekeeping operations.
  • Rule of Law and the United Nations: The Critical Path to Post-Conflict Justice (New York, 2003)
    Presented the comprehensive list of recommendations developed in Singapore, Istanbul and Gabarone to high-level officials at the UN and key member state representatives.
  • Rule of Law and the Legacy of Conflict (Gaborone, Botswana, 2003)
    Assembled over 40 practitioners from 10 African states (including Angola, Congo, Nigeria and Sierra Leone) and 8 other countries to discuss and develop recommendations for improving rule of law efforts in United Nations peace-building operations.
  • Incorporating Local Voices into Interna­tional Rule of Law Strategies: A Policy Dialogue (New York, 2002)
    Brought a group of national leaders and  practitioners from Cambodia, East Timor, El Salvador, Haiti, Kosovo, and Bosnia-Herzegovina to New York to share their views on UN peace-building with senior decision-makers at the United Nations.
  • Establishing Rule of Law and Governance in Post Conflict Societies (Istanbul, Turkey, 2002)
    Enabled 40 practitioners from Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cambodia, East Timor, El Salvador, Kosovo and Sierra Leone to draft recommendations on efforts to establish rule of law in the context of United  Nations peace operations.