Rights, Inclusion and Approaches to Dealing with Differences

(Lusty Beg Island, Northern Ireland, 2001)

Facilitated 100 community leaders to consider differences within and between communities, and the debate surrounding a bill of rights for Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland

Eldred de Klerk, Associate, Community Development Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Brice Dickson, the Chief Commissioner of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
Roy Garland, Joint Chair of the Meath Peace Group of the Guild of Ancient Uriel, Northern Ireland
Avila Kilmuray, Director, Northern Ireland Voluntary Trust
Billy Robinson, Director, Counteract, Northern Ireland


Galia Golan, Professor of Russian and East European Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

South Africa

Justice Albie Sachs, South Africa

United States

James A. Cooney, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University
Frederick Schauer, Academic Dean, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Sara Zucker, Director, The Project on Justice in Times of Transition

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