Crafting Strategies for a Shared Future

(Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2001)

Created a forum for 150 community and political activists to consider mutually advantageous strategies for action, particularly on the EU’s Support Program for Peace and Reconciliation.


John Biehl, Director, Colombia and the Andean Region, International Crisis Group; former Secretary General of the Presidency of Chile


Jamil Mahuad, former President of Ecuador; Fellow, Center for Public Leadership, Harvard University

Northern Ireland

Avila Kilmurray, Director, Northern Ireland Voluntary Trust

Duncan Morrow, Lecturer in Politics, University of Ulster

United Kingdom

Nik Gowing, Program Anchor, BBC World

Elizabeth Meehan, Director, Institute of Governance, Public Policy and Social Research, Queen’s University

United States

James Cooney, Director, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University

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