Community and Governance in a Time of Transition

(Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1999)

Created a venue for over 200 political and community leaders from throughout Northern Ireland to engage with one another and to discuss priorities and mechanisms for communication and collaboration in the new political environment.


Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of Canada

El Salvador

Saul Suster, co-owner of Omnisport, El Salvador


Jim Dougal, European Commission Office
Sammy Douglas, Chair, NIVT
Dr. Maurice Hayes, Member of the Irish Senate
Inez McCormack, Irish Congress of Trade Unions


Naomi Chazan, Deputy Speaker of Israeli Parliament

Northern Ireland 

Paul Arthur, University of Ulster
Hugh Frazer, Conference Rapporteur
Avila Kilmurray, Northern Ireland Voluntary Trust
Seamus McAleavey, Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action
Dermot Nesbit, Member of Northern Ireland Assembly

United Kingdom

Chris Gibson, Confederation of British Industry


Marek Kapusta, Project Coordinator, Rock Volieb Export, Slovakia

South Africa

Roelf Meyer, Member of South African Parliament
Brandon Hamber, Project Coordinator, Center for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation, South Africa

United States

Wendy Luers, Foundation for a Civil Society

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