The Challenge of Strengthening the Peace

(Guatemala City, Guatemala, 1999)

Brought together over 300 Guatemalan representatives of the government, the military, the church, political parties, the private sector, human rights organizations, and community groups to engage in dialogue on a range of critical issues relevant to peace-building in their country.


Silvia Rueda de Uranga, President, Conciencia Association, Argentina
Colonel Mario Antonio
Luis Moreno Ocampo, former Public Prosecutor and District Attorney of Buenos Aires, Argentina


John Biehl, former Chief of Staff for the Government of Chile, former Ambassador to the United States


Branka Kaselj, Director, Centre for Peace, Non-Violence and Human Rights, Croatia


President Alvaro Arzú
Carlos Chocoj, Rigoberta Menchú Tum Foundation
General Edgar Leonel Godoy Samayoa
Fermina Lopez
Rigoberto Quemé, Mayor of Quetzaltenango
Gustavo Porras, Private Secretary to the President of Guatemala
Eduardo Stein, Foreign Minister of Guatemala
Hector Mauricio Lopez Bonilla, columnist
Renzo Rosal, Secretary General of Rafael Landivar University
Raquel Zelaya, Secretary of the Peace of the President of Guatemala

El Salvador

Ana Guadalupe Martinez, former Vice President, former FMLN Leader

Northern Ireland

Paul Arthur, Professor of Politics, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland


Shulamit Aloni, former Member of Parliament and government Minister, founder of the Civil Rights and Peace Movement in Israel

Palestinian National Authority

Hasan Abdel Rahman, Palestinian National Authority Chief Representative in United States


Lech Walesa, Nobel Laureate and former President of Poland
Konstanty Gebert, former dissident and editor-in-Chief of Midrasz Magazine, Poland
Jan Krysztof Bielecki, former Prime Minister of Poland

South Africa

Robert Conway, Chair, Peace and Reconstruction Foundation, South Africa
Roelf Meyer, Member of Parliament, South Africa

United States

Robert Hutchings, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University
Susan Kaufman Purcell, Vice President, Americas Society
Beatriz Manz, University of California, Berkeley
Wendy Luers, President, The Foundation for a Civil Society
James LeMoyne, Chief Political Advisor, United Nations Development Program, Latin America
Timothy Phillips, Co-Founder, The Project on Justice in Times of Transition

International Organizations

José Roberto Lopez, World Bank
Lars Franklin, Resident Coordinator for the United Nations
Linn Hammergren, World Bank

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