Reconciliation in Times of Transition

(San Salvador, El Salvador, 1993)

Focused on consolidating peace and eradicating social division, confrontation and political violence in the aftermath of El Salvador’s peace accords. Precipitated the creation of Centro Demos, the conflict resolution center established to encourage and sustain cross-sectoral dialogue.


Benedita Souza da Silva, Federal Deputy, Workers Party


José Zalaquett, Member of the Chilean National Commission on Truth and Reconciliation


Evereth Bustamante, Senator, Democratic Alliance/M-19
Antonio Navarro Wolff, President, Democratic Alliance/M-19


Jan Urban, Journalist; Co-Founder of Civic Forum Movement

El Salvador

Roberto Cañas, FMLN
Fabio Castillo Rector, University of El Salvador
Mauricio Gutierrez Castro, President of the Supreme Court
Alfredo Cristiani, President of El Salvador
Cecilia Gallardo de Cano, Minister of Education
Rene Emilio Ponce, Minister of Defense
Oscar Santamaría, Minister of the Presidency
Joaquin Villalobos, Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN)


General Hector Gramajo, Former Minister of Defense
Jorge Serrano, President


Aleksander Kwasniewski, Member of Parliament; President of the Social Democratic Party
Zbigniew Bujak, Member of Parliament; Founding Member of Solidarity


Felipe Gonzalez, Prime Minister

United States

Bernard Aronson, US Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs
James LeMoyne, Journalist
Flora Lewis, Senior Columnist, New York Times

Wendy W. Luers, President, Foundation for a Civil Society
Richard McCall, Senate Foreign Relations Committee; Member of President-Elect Clinton’s Transition Team
Joseph Montville, Senior Consultant to the US Department of State on Conflict Resolution
Ambler H. Moss Jr, Director, North-South Center, University of Miami
Michael Olson, Attorney
Tina Rosenberg, Author and Journalist

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