Combating Terrorism: The Challenge for Democratic Societies

(Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2002)

Leaders from the intelligence and law enforcement communities in Mexico, Peru, and the United States discussed strategies for combating terrorism while protecting human rights and democratic freedoms.

United States

Jorge Chabat, Professor of International Relations, Center for Economic Research and Teaching
John Coatsworth, Professor of History and Latin American Affairs, Harvard University
Neil Gallagher, Assistant Director, FBI National Security and Terrorism Divisions
Philip Heymann, Professor of Law, Harvard University, former US Deputy Attorney General
Kate Martin, Director, Center for National Security Studies, United States
Robert McNamara, Jr., former General Counsel, United States Central Intelligence Agency
Bill Rooney, former Executive and Field Operations Officer, United States Central Intelligence Agency
George Vickers, Regional Director for Latin America, Open Society Institute


Raul Benitez Manaut, Professor of International Relations, National University of Mexico
Carlos Rico, Minister of Public Affairs, Mexican Embassy
Armando Salinas Torre, President, Congressional Commission on Governance and Public Security, Mexico


Benedicto Jimenez Bacca, Expert Advisor to the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee, Peru
Enrique Obando Arbulú, President, Political and Strategic Studies Institute, Peru
Oscar Schiappa-Pietra, former Senior Advisor to Prime Minister of Peru
Ketin Vidal, former Minister of the Interior, Peru
Juan Velit, President, Peruvian National Council of Intelligence

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