Lessons Learned on Regional Peace-building in Central America

(Toledo, Spain 2006)

Brought together all major leaders involved in developing the regional peace accords in Central America to launch a Task Force that will develop new approaches to rule of law challenges faced in the region today.


Augusto Ramírez Ocampo, former Foreign Minister of Colombia and former Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General to El Salvador

Costa Rica

José María Figueres, former President of Costa Rica
Rodrigo Madrigal Nieto, former Foreign Minister of Costa Rica
Ram Mankkalingam, former Senior Advisor to the President of Sri Lanka

El Salvador

Leonel Gomez, human rights activist and author, El Salvador
Pedro Nikken, Legal Advisor to the UN Secretary-General, El Salvador
Oscar Santamaría, former head negotiator for El Salvador
Victor Valle, founding member, National Commission for the Consolidation of Peace in El Salvador
Joaquín Villalobos, former FMLN leader

Great Britain

Sir Marrack Goulding, former UN Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping and Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs


Vinicio Cerezo, former President of Guatemala
Manuel Conde-Orellana, former President of the Guatemalan Commission for Peace
General Julio Balconi, retired General, Guatemalan Army; former Guatemalan Minister of Defense
José María Argueta, former Guatemalan National Security Advisor
Hector Rosada, former President of Guatemalan Commission for Peace


General Joaquín Cuadra Lacayo, former General Chief of Staff of the Popular Sandinista Army and former Commander-in-Chief of the Nicaraguan Army
Arturo Cruz, Professor, INCAE Business School, Nicaragua
Antonio Lacayo, former Nicaraguan Minister of the Presidency


Shlomo Ben Ami, former Israeli Foreign Minister


Blanca Antonini, Director of Latin American Programs, Toledo International Center for Peace
Edmundo Jarquín, Chief of Staff, Iberoamerican Secretariat
Yago Pico de Coaña, former General Director of Iberoamerican Political Affairs, Spanish Ministry of Foreign Relations
Magdy Martinez-Soliman, Head of UN Democracy Fund United States
Richard McCall, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State
Bruce Cameron, human rights activist


Beatrice Rangel, former Presidential advisor, Venezuela

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