Leaders of the Present: Youth Leadership and Civic Engagement in Central America

(Antigua, Guatemala 2008)
A five day meeting with 24 young Central American leaders to facilitate development of action plans on youth engagement on regional issues such as youth violence and disaster risk reduction especially in relation to climate change.

Costa Rica

Manuel Dengo, Director of the Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative of DARA, Costa Rica

Czech Republic

Jan Urban, New York University, Prague, former Czech Dissident, Co-Founder of People in Need, Czech Republic


Pablo Boada, Director, Quito Eterno, Ecuador

El Salvador

Ana Guadalupe Martinez, Special Advisor to the Vice-President of Congress, and former Commander of the FMLN, El Salvador


José María Argueta, IGL Inspire Fellow, ICAS, Guatemala
Julio Balconi, CONRED; Ministry of Defense, Guatemala
Marco Antonio Castillo, General Director of the Ceiba Group, Guatemala
Claudia Flores, Regional Coordinator of CONRED
Carlos Arguello, CA Foundation, Guatemala
Ana Carlos, Entrémosle a Guate, Guatemala
Paul Guggenheim, Country Director for Guatemala, Riecken Foundation
Marco Antonio Leonor, Caja Lúdica, Guatemala
Harris Whitbeck, CNN en Español, Entrémosle a Guate, Guatemala
Maria Marta Ramos, Executive Director of Valle del Altiplano University, Guatemala
Jason Marczak, Editor of America’s Quarterly, USA


Iris Castejón-Wollny, National Autonomous University, Honduras


Araceli Ruano, Executive Director of the ALAS Foundation


Sandra Zuñiga, DARA Delegate, Nicaragua
Arturo Wallace, Professor and Journalist, Nicaragua


Gilberto Toro, Director of the Social Development Program of the Ministry of Social Development, Panama


Nicolai Nielsen, Researcher, DARA, Spain

United States

David Cartagena, Institute for the Study and Practice of Non-Violence, RI, USA
Teny Gross, Institute for the Study and Practice of Non-Violence, RI, USA
Elena Haliczer, Games for Change, USA
Pedro Mateu-Gelabert, Project Director of Staying Safe, National Development Research Institutes, Inc.

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