Workshop on Reconciliation for Bosnia

(London, England, 1996)

Exposed key Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs to relevant experiences of international leaders in the aftermath of violent civil conflict.

Northern Ireland

Professor Paul Arthur, Professor of Politics, University of Ulster
Dr. Roy Magee, Northern Ireland
Father Gerry Reynolds, Northern Ireland

El Salvador

Hon. Ricardo Castaneda, Permanent Representative to the United Nations, El Salvador
Joaquin Villalobos, former leader of FMLN Guerilla Movement, El Salvador


Naomi Chazan, Member of Parliament, Israel

Palestinian Authority

Zahira Kamal, Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, Palestinian Authority

South Africa

MP John Steenkamp, Member of Parliament, National Party, South Africa
Dr. Alex Boraine, Vice Chairperson, South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Hon. Barbara Masekala, South African Ambassador to France

United Kingdom

Nik Gowing, BBC World News Anchor
Jon Snow, British Journalist, Channel 4 News
Sir John Birch, UK Ambassador to the United Nations

United States

Amb. James LeMoyne, Chief Political Advisor, UNDP, USA

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