Truth and Justice: The Delicate Balance

(Budapest, Hungary, 1992)

Policy-makers, archivists and other experts from former communist countries discussed the status of security files in their countries and identified means of preventing the past from continuing to divide and control society.


Katerina Boncheva, Radio Free Europe
Georgi Panev, Member of Parliament

Czech Republic

Jaroslav Basta, Chairman, Independent Commission of the Federal Ministry of the Interior
Jan Urban, Freelance journalist, Center for Independent Journalism


Gabor Baczoni, Chief Archivist, Historical Archives, Ministry of Internal Affairs
Karoly Bard, Deputy Minister of Justice
Arpad Goncz, President
Ethan Klingsberg, Director, Institute for Constitutional and Legislative Policy, Legal Studies Program, Central European University
Katalin Koncz, Democracy After Communism Foundation
Janos Lakos, Director, Hungarian National Archives
Ivan Peto, Member of Parliament
Istvan Rev, Academic Director, Budapest College, Central European University
Prof. Andras Sajo, Dean, Legal Studies Program, Central European University


Halina Bortnowska, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
Jerzy Ciemniewski, Member of Parliament, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
Marek Nowicki, Director, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
Wiktor Osiatynski, Professor of Law, University of Warsaw, Director, Constitutionalism Program
Andrzej Peczkowski, Treasurer, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights


George Adamache, Chief, Methods and Controls, Romanian State Archives


Arseny Roginsky, Chief Researcher, Memorial Society
Tanya Smith, Amnesty International, Moscow
Elena Zhemkova, Memorial Society


Tanja Petrovar, Norwegian Institute of Human Rights


Ute Kruse, Ministry of Science and Culture of Saxony
Armand Mitter, Alliance 90/The Greens
Wolfgang Nowak, Permanent Secretary for Science and Culture of Saxony

United Kingdom

George Ross, Expert on the Securitate files, University of London


Carlos Nino, Principal human rights advisor to President Alfonsin


Jorge Correa, Former Executive Director, National Commission of Reconciliation and Inquiry

United States

Mary Albon, Program Officer, Foundation for a Civil Society
Jamal Benomar, Director, Human Rights Program, The Carter Center of Emory University
Arthur Berney, Boston College Law School
Thomas Blanton, Executive Director, National Security Archive
Arthur Eisenberg, Counsel, New York Civil Liberties Union
Stephen Holmes, University of Chicago Law School
Timothy Phillips, Co-Chair, Project on Justice in Times of Transition
Tina Rosenberg, National Security Archive
Allan Ryan, General Counsel, Harvard University
Jonathan Stein
Ruti Teitel, New York Law School


Mark Almond, Historian, Oxford University
Yvonne Badal
Deborah Harding, Program Officer, German Marshall Fund of the United States
Derek Paton, Institute for Contemporary History

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