Justice in Times of Transition

(Salzburg, Austria, 1992)

Launched the ongoing Project on Justice in Times of Transition; senior policy-makers from Europe, the former Soviet Union, Latin America and the United States examined experiences with “lustration” laws, the opening of police files to public scrutiny, and committees of inquiry into the abuses of past regimes.


Raul Alcondo, Former Secretary of Defense, former Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Raul Alfonsin, Former President
Jaime Malamud-Goti, Former Attorney General


Alexander Arabadjiev, Member of Constitutional Court
Snezhana Botusharova, Vice Chair of Parliament
Emeliana Drumeva, Lawyer


Claudio Grossman, Professor of Law, American University
Roberto Garreton Merrino, Liaison to President Aylwin’s UN/Human rights community


Martin Butora, Office of the President
Vojen Guttler
Peter Kulan
Prince Karel Schwarzenberg, Chancellor
Jan Urban, Journalist
Michael Zantovsky, Office of the President

El Salvador

Francisco Diaz Rodríguez, Vice Chairman, Democratic Convergence
Leonel Gomez, Human Rights activist and journalist


Tiit Kabin, Member of Parliament
Juri Raidla, Minister of Justice


Kurt Biedenkopf, Minister President, Saxony
Claus Offe, Zentrum fur Sozialpolitik, Universitat Bremen
Jiri Pehe, Assistant Director, Radio Free Europe
Helmut Steinberger, Former Judge, Constitutional Court of Germany


Gyorgy Bence, Professor
Adajos Dombach
Mihaly Hamburger, Radio Free Europe
Tamas Kende
Andras Sajo, Legal Advisor to the President
Jozsef Szajer, Advisor to President
Miklos Vasarhelyi, Party Member, Free Democrats


Andrejs Pantalejevs, Member of Parliament
Guido Zemribo, President, Supreme Court


Arunas Degutis
Rimvydas Valatka, Minister of Parliament


Adam Michnik, Editor in Chief, Gazeta Wyborcza; Member of Parliament
Wiktor Osiatynski, Professor of Law, University of Chicago Project
Alexsander Smolar, Former Political Advisor to Prime Minister Mazowiecki


Mircea Ionscu, Minister of Justice
Lucian Mihai, Lecturer in Law
Andrei Plesu, Writer, Former Minister of Culture
Alin Teodorescu, President, Soros Foundation-Romania


Natalia Gevorkyan, Moscow News
Sergei Kovalyov, Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation Human Rights Committee
Teimouraz Ramishvili, Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation
Arseny Roginsky, Member, Supreme Soviet Commission on KGB Files, Russia
Boris Zolotukhin, Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation Committee on Legislation

United States

Robert Beschel, Project Liberty, JFK School of Government, Harvard
David Franklin, Center for the Study of Constitutionalism in E. Europe, University of Chicago Law School
Robert Goldman, Professor of Law, American University
Deborah Harding, The German Marshall Fund of the United States
Alice Henkin, Director, Justice and Society Program, Aspen Institute
Prof. Stephen Holmes, Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago
Prof. Samuel Huntington, Professor at Harvard; Olin Foundation
Neil Kritz, US Institute of Peace
Jeri Laber, Executive Director, Helsinki Watch
Frank Loy, President, The German Marshall Fund of the United States
Katarina Mathemova, Wilmer, Cutler and Pickering
Joseph Montville, Consultant, Department of State
Victor Navasky, Publisher, The Nation
Aryeh Neier, Director, Human Rights Watch
Yvette Neier, Women’s World Banking
Diane Orentlicher, Visiting Professor of Law, Yale University
Tina Rosenberg, Independent journalist
Allan Ryan, Former Director, Office of Special Investigations, US Dept. of Justice
David Scanzoni
Erica B. Schlager, Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
Rose Styron, Writer
John Tagliabue, New York Times , Berlin
Ruti Teitel, Professor of Law, New York Law School
Lawrence Weschler, Staff Writer, The New Yorker
Joanna Weschler, Human Rights Watch


Rafael Michelin, Deputy, Chamber of Representatives

Western Europe

Roger Errera, Member, Council of State, French Republic
Konstanty Gerbert, Journalist
Maarten Koning, Evropke Mezinnotni Pravo
Claudia Luciani, Council of Europe
Fernando Rodrigo, Fundacion Jose Ortega y Gasset
Jacques Rupnik, Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques
Michael Wise
Leonid Yuzhkov
Franz Zeller, ORF, Salzburg


Tanja Petovar, Human Rights Lawyer

Project Co-Chairs

Lloyd Cutler, Attorney at Law, Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering
Wendy W. Luers, President, Foundation for a Civil Society
Olin Robinson, President, Salzburg Seminar
Herman Schwartz, President, Salzburg Seminar

Project Director

Timothy Phillips, Vice President of Government Affairs, Energia Global, Inc.

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