Crafting Strategies for Negotiation and Effective Engagement

(Vienna, Austria, 2004)

Brought together 14 senior Serb leaders in Kosovo to provide comparative perspectives from other transitional contexts on preparing for negotiations and power-sharing arrangements.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Branko Damjanac, former Mayor of Brcko District, Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Milorad Pupovac, Representative of the Serbian National Minority in Croatia and Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Migration, Refugees and Population

South Africa

Ismail Ebrahim Ebrahim, Political Advisor to the Deputy President of South Africa; Chair, Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee; senior participant in the multi-party negotiations and member of the African National Congress Executive Committee
Roelf Meyer, former Chief Negotiator for De Klerk and Minister of Constitutional Affairs of South Africa

Northern Ireland

Seán Farren, Senior Social Democratic and Labor Party (SDLP) Negotiator, former Northern Ireland Assembly member and former Minister for Finance
David Ervine, Senior Negotiator in the talks leading to the 1998 Good Friday Agreement and Chief Spokesman of the Progressive Unionist Party in Northern Ireland

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