Course Materials & Lectures

How do nations come to terms with their pasts? Are there lessons we can learn from past efforts and emerging insights into human behavior?  Through a series of class sessions with senior policy makers and leaders who have had direct involvement with efforts to address and overcome past wrongs,  The Past is Never Dead seminar, will examine the ways countries have confronted legacies of abuse and mass killing. This seminar is a unique collaboration between the Philosophy Department at Suffolk University’s College of Arts & Sciences and Beyond Conflict, combining  policy and theory with practical applications and interdisciplinary insights.

As we explore issues  related to dealing with the past, we’ll be posting video clips and full length lectures here to launch a larger conversation on the dynamics that often underlie conflict and how we can more effectively overcome the legacy of violence and victimhood in a range of different contexts.



The Role of the Past in Politics? 

Political Forgiveness, Political Reconciliation 

Trauma and Reconciliation 

Dignity and Reconciliation

Transitional Justice: Tools for Facing the Past 

Creating the “Rainbow Nation” – South Africa’s Experiment with Truth and Reconciliation

Making Good on the Good Friday Agreement 

Facing the Past at Home

Boston After Bussing