Additional Resources

Neuroscience & Social Conflict

MRIs for a More Peaceful World  Liz Karagianis, May 2015
The Brain’s Empathy Gap  Jeneen Interlandi, March 2015
How Neuroscience is Offering Hope for a More Peaceful World Michelle Boorstein, March 2015
Neuroscience and Social Conflict Beyond Conflict, 2014
Norms, Narratives & Neurons Beyond Conflict, 2014

Neuroscience Conference Reports

Neuroscience and Peacebuilding (PDF) Beyond Conflict
Norms Narratives and Neurons (PDF) Beyond Conflict
Dehumanization in Conflict (PDF) Beyond Conflict

Opinion Pieces

For Some Muslims Islamic State’s Allure is Meaningful Alternative to Western ValuesTim Phillips & Nir Eisikovits, April 2015
What Iraq’s New Prime Minister Can Learn from Nelson Mandela Tim Phillips, August 2015
Peace in Syria is Possible Tim Phillips, February 2014
Finding Peace in Northern Ireland Tim Phillips, January 2014
In Gun Control Debate, Sacred Values Often Forgotten Tim Phillips, January 2014
If It’s Apartheid, The Who’s the Palestinian Mandela Nir Eisikovits, January 2007

Additional Background Materials

Trouble in Cuba? Call the Pope Ted Widemer, March 2015
A Cambridge-Cuba Conduit Kevin Cullen, December 2014
South Africa’s Negotiated Revolution Tim Phillips & Roelf Meyer, 2014
One-Time Miracle or Exemplar Amb. Princeton Lyman, Roelf Meyer, Mohammed Bhabha, Amb. Ebrahim Rasool, January 2014
Andrew Bacevich Calls on Historians to do Political History Bacevich, 2015