Since its inception in 1992, Beyond Conflict has facilitated progress in negotiations, helped to break down barriers to agreements and brought former combatants and enemies together to find new solutions to the entrenched problems their societies face. In more than 75 initiatives and in more than 50 countries, Beyond Conflict has been invited by in-country actors to apply our powerful and proven shared experience methodology. Utilizing this methodology we activate our network of extraordinary practitioners who have overcome these problems and identify appropriate leaders to assist in each conflict setting. At present Beyond Conflict has three types of programming:

Geographic Programming

Beyond Conflict’s geographic programming facilitates progress in particular negotiation processes and helps build leadership capacity with the goal of making change or reconciliation possible in specific post-war contexts.

Thematic Programming

Beyond Conflict’s thematic programming utilizes its network of people and its long experience to help better understand the challenges to conflict transformation.

Educational Programming

A Mentorship program and joint partnership that enables undergraduate students to participate in high level international events focusing on diplomacy, conflict transformation and reconciliation.