Since its founding in 1992, Beyond Conflict (formerly the Project on Justice in Times of Transition) has brought together leaders from around the world and has helped build trust between enemies in some of the most violent conflicts of recent years. Emphasizing the human dimension of transformation, Beyond Conflict has helped clear the path for progress in peace talks, transition to democracy and national reconciliation.

Beyond Conflict has organized more than 75 major initiatives and some of its most notable accomplishments include:

  • catalyzing the field of transitional justice through its founding meeting in Salzburg in 1992;
  • developing the shared experience methodology pioneered by Beyond Conflict and adopted by many others to help leaders change mindsets in transitional settings;
  • helping to introduce the truth commission concept to South Africa;
  • fostering peaceful negotiations and national reconciliation among leaders in Northern Ireland and Central America;
  • helping leaders in Kosovo prepare for negotiations and independence;
  • bringing the experience of relevant leaders in Northern Ireland, Central America and Asia to assist in the current delicate peace process in Colombia.