Beyond Conflict assists leaders in divided societies struggling with conflict, reconciliation and societal change by facilitating direct contact with leaders who have successfully navigated similar challenges in other settings.

With more than 70 initiatives in 22 different countries, we have helped leaders envision a different future, from assisting South Africans confront their past in the aftermath of Apartheid, to the signing of the Good Friday Peace Agreement in Northern Ireland, to transitioning to representative government in the Arab world.

Founded in 1992, Beyond Conflict puts its mission into action by mobilizing an international network of seasoned leaders and practitioners to share their experience. Our powerful methodology of shared experience is grounded in two core principles: that people can learn from each other and that people can change.

“The beauty of Beyond Conflict’s methodology is simply that it isn’t just about shared experience, it is about taking ourselves out of ourselves. It is about examining how others have been in virtually the same situation as us, so we find that we’re not unique, and we find that with others, they’ve actually come up with solutions.”

Paul Arthur, Professor of Political Science, University of Ulster